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20th July 2019

Titan The Robot Wows Crowds at Suffolk Show

Undoubtedly one of the star attractions on the avenues around the Trinity Park showground this year has been TV-star Titan. The Giant Robot seen on tv shows such as Big Brother amused crowds with his antics.

Multiple personality

In order to have varied results across the board to the emotions recorded by Titan, every dialogue, song or punch line used is completely random, even the character voices used come from limitless bank of well know stars making Titan the first robot impressionist on the planet. You could find Titan singing, laughing, telling jokes, recounting historical speeches, doing the weather forecast or even chatting up your girl friend. Above all his prime directive seems to be collecting the emotion of laughter and making people happy. Much to the relief of a lot of government officials.

Technology behind Titan

Titan himself is powered by the latest LiFePO4 (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) batteries and can operate for up to eight hours on one charge. When back in the Cyberstein workshop Titan is continuously plugged into the Internet, where his vast solid-state memory both records and deposits information. (It is believed Titan has the biggest solid-state memory bank in the world). Many of the systems within Titan are the pinnacle of world development in their field.

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