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19th October 2019

Apache helicopter dismantled following emergency landing

There was lots of activity on Thursday at the site where the Apache helicopter from Wattisham was forced to make an emergency landing.

Army personnel had set up a camp in a field at the exit of Jimmy’s Farm, Wherstead where there were various army vehicles and a low-loader. The helicopter still stood in the field on the opposite side of the road where it was being dismantled ready to be moved by road, presumably back to Wattisham.

An Army crane and other vehicles were alongside the aircraft. The nature of the incident is still under investigation and no formal statement as to the cause for the emergency landing has been made.

The two helicopter pilots from Wattisham, Suffolk escaped death after their £46m Apache helicopter hit power lines just outside of Ipswich on Tuesday evening.

The Apache from the base where Prince Harry is based was on a night exercise when it caught power lines and had to make an emergency landing in fields between Wherstead and Tattingstone. Luckily neither of the crew were injured although the power line was damaged resulting in a power cut for just under 400 people in the immediate area.


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