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Weight loss and fitness

The weight loss market both in the UK and America is huge. There are many companies and so called experts, all eager to sell you the latest diet products or ideas.

These range from slimming tablets, diet clubs, the latest fat busting strap on device, or the discovery of a new diet secret from some far flung corner of the planet. While some of them may have some value, many do not. If you don’t have the money to gamble on buying the latest get slim product or idea, the good news is you don’t have to.

Dieting is as simple as calories in verses calories out. You have to eat less than you burn, or burn less than you eat. Average calorie burn for women is around 2500 and about 3000 for men. So if you are overweight, then it’s almost certain that you have been eating more calories than you have burned off.

Finding out how many calories you are eating is easy these days. Most packaged food will show the calorie value on the wrapping, and anything else can be looked up on line, in the library, or even a sneaky peek in your local bookshop.

Same for exercise; you can find out what activities burn what calories. The big secret that I will give away here, free of charge! Is that you work out the calories you eat, and then deduct the calories you burn, and then adjust one, the other, or both, according to your needs. It ultimately is that simple.

So save some pounds in your pocket, burn a few extra calories by throwing that electronic fat busting waste of money in the bin.

Take responsibility for your own diet and exercise plan (or come and see me for some friendly supportive guidance), then with all the money you save, donate a handy £5 to Cancer Research, The Heart Foundation, or any other worthy cause’

• Ant Watt is the owner of HMF – www.hmfworld.com – and a respected expert on sports equipment and practices. Tel: 01473 226888

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