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Diet: Look good like Kate (and Pippa)

This article originally appeared in the April issue of Ipswich24 magazine, just before the Royal Wedding and the media frenzy on the attributes of Pippa Middleton’s rear.

Members of local slimming expert, Liz Torrie’s Pinewood Community Hall class in Chantry and Labour Club class in Silent Street, Ipswich can’t wait to see their dreams turn into reality, with the help of Slimming World.

As Kate weds her Prince Charming and makes her dreams come true Liz, who runs two Slimming World groups in Ipswich, says, “The Royal Wedding is the perfect inspiration for anyone wanting to slim down and feel like a Prince or Princess too.” Liz continued, “Just like Kate and William, lots of people have big days to look forward to in the coming weeks and months, that they want to look and feel their best for, and at Slimming World we can help them do just that. There are already lots of people in my groups who are losing weight for a special event this summer and they are well on their way to reaching their target. Also we have members that are getting ready for their Wedding this year which is really exciting. It’s possible to easily lose half a stone or more in just four weeks – by making small, subtle changes to the way you eat and exercise.”

Do you need help to lose some weight for your big day?

At Slimming World the classes are really friendly and everyone is there to support you on your way to lose the weight you desire.

“Why not pop along to one of the classes and see what we do.” Says Liz. “You will be presently surprised how friendly we are, and how easy the plan is. Our plan suits all people as it helps you to eat healthily, with lots to of different foods to eat, so that you never go hungry.”

A Member that has already joined the Slimming World to lose weight said, “When I first joined Slimming World the idea of being happy with my weight by the time of my special event seemed almost impossible, but Liz immediately put me at ease and made me feel like losing weight was achievable – and she was right! I haven’t had to starve myself or make dramatic changes. And the support I’ve had from Liz and the other members has been amazing, they want me to get to my target weight as much as I do – and with them behind me I know I will!”

“Having a special occasion that you want to lose weight for is a great motivator, and there’s no better feeling than wearing a bikini or trunks with confidence on the beach or walking into a room – or down the aisle – knowing you look great,” says Liz.

“It’s easier to stay focused when we’re in a regular routine. But all the excitement of, holidays and celebrations galore that take place can put challenges in our way. To help slimmer’s reach their weight loss dreams through this testing period we have a special offer for anyone purchasing a six or 12-week Countdown course they will save money, as well as free weeks and half price membership, there is also our Slimming World magazine which is cheaper in class than the shops and it’s packed with recipes and inspirational tips to steer you through the bank holidays and summer holidays.”

• For more information about Slimming World groups in Ipswich call Slimming World Consultant Liz Torrie on 01473 728380. Liz is a Slimming World consultant and therefore if you are concerned about any possible health implications you should always consult your doctor.

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