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Diet: Taking temptation out of holidays

A weight loss expert in Ipswich is warning that holidays can be one of the riskiest times for family weight gain. Her advice comes after an online survey of nearly 1,000 slimmers revealed that nearly a quarter of them find holidays the most challenging time to lose weight and one fifth (22%) report gaining more than a stone (6kg) over the summer.

Liz Torrie, who runs Slimming World groups in Ipswich, says, “Holidays are one of the most testing times for slimmers. It can be really difficult to stay on track when normal routines go out of the window because of time away from home and the kids off school. Slimmers find that eating out on days away with the kids can be difficult too. Just keeping the family occupied, fed and active over the school holidays can be stressful for many mums and dads.”

In the survey Slimming World asked more than 1,000 people what their greatest seasonal challenges were when trying to lose weight. Those who found holidays the most challenging time of year reported the biggest trials were:

• going on holiday (54%)
• eating out at restaurants and cafes (35%)
• BBQs in the garden (29%)
• having more days out (28%)
• spending more time with children (15%).

Rising obesity is a growing concern for public health authorities. More than one million children under 16 in the UK are now classified as obese as a result of changing eating habits and less active lifestyles. Making small, easy changes like swapping white bread for wholemeal bread and snacking regularly on fruit and yogurt rather than chocolate and ice cream can make a big difference. Finding ways of sharing more healthy family meals and becoming more active and getting out with the kids can help to avoid weight gain too.

“Our members are already doing something to manage their weight and they can become quite desperate when, having worked hard on their weight loss campaign all year, their efforts are undone by holidays,” says Liz, “So this year we’re offering a special slimming summer success package with plenty of hints and tips and great group support to help slimmers protect their weight loss, enjoy quality time with the family and stay on track on their slimming journey, whatever their holiday destination.”

• For more information about Slimming World groups in Ipswich call Slimming World Consultant Liz Torrie on 01473 728380. Liz is a Slimming World consultant and therefore if you are concerned about any possible health implications you should always consult your doctor.

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