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Fitness: Secrets of Successful Bodybuilding

Successful bodybuilding, or any form of body transformation, is often a combination of factors. The more factors you string together, the easier it is to achieve the desired result. Just turning up at the gym and throwing a few weights around will only get you so far.

Once you have made the decision to start some sort of exercise, the next most important step is to adjust your diet accordingly. The type of diet you follow will depend on what you want to achieve.
Do some research on what nutrients you need, and when to take them etc. However….. don’t always go with the first thing you read or hear. I am still amazed by the amount of incorrect information and unhelpful advice given out by so called experts. Just in the last six months, I have read, or been told more works of fiction relating to training and diet, than you would see on a politicians expenses sheet.
Keeping a training diary or log is also a good idea. I’m not suggesting you make note of every detail down to the colour of your underpants, or that you prance around the gym like an Olympic train spotter, but keeping a record of the weights and exercises you do, along with the number of reps, sets, time in the gym, and most importantly- your diet, will provide you with lots of useful information when it comes to figuring out what works for you.

Getting a good training partner is also very helpful. Someone who can give you encouragement and a reason to turn up to the gym on the days you might not feel like it.

Sleep and rest are also important, most, if not all of the growth and repair process takes place when you are doing one of these two things. Try and eat little, but often. This somewhat depends on your training goals, but eating small amounts five or six times a day, is much better than two or three big feeds.

Time and patience are also useful tools. Body transformation is a relatively slow process, it doesn’t happen overnight and the best results are achieved over years rather than months.

However, the more you learn and the more you implement factors into your training you may not have thought about, the quicker you will get to where you want to be.

For the best advice on sports nutrition and improving your performance….you know where to come.

• Ant Watt is the owner of HMF – www.hmfworld.com – and a respected expert on sports equipment and practices. Tel: 01473 226888. (This column appears every month in Ipswich24 magazine)

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