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Hip, Hip, Hooray for Ipswich Hospital care

There is ‘breaking’ news at Ipswich Hospital – its hip fracture care has been tipped as among the best in the country for the second year running.

The new National Hip Fracture Database Report compares how 176 hospitals are treating hip fracture patients against national standards of care.

The report highlights:

      • The Ipswich team is in the top five in the country for quickly transferring patients from the Emergency Department to a specialist orthopaedic bed
      • More than 90% of Ipswich hip fracture patients have surgery within 48 hours, helping to reduce the risks of complications and reducing length of stay.
      • More than 99% of these patients are assessed by a doctor who specialises in the care of older people.


Consultant Dr Julie Brache, who specialises in older people’s care, said: “The number of hip fracture patients we are treating is increasing but the length of time they spend is hospital is going down and the quality of care they get is improving. This shows that the team of doctors and surgeons, physio and occupational therapists and nursing staff is managing very well.

“We are very pleased with the report results particularly as we have improved even further on last year. Even though the national averages are improving, we have stayed in the list of top performing hospitals.”

The hospital treated more than 400 hip fracture patients last year and most of them were over 80 years old.

The report can be viewed at www.nhfd.co.uk

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