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Suffolk Police: No Riots in county

Suffolk Police have today (Wednesday 10th August) released the following statement concerning rumours of unrest in Suffolk:

Suffolk Police is continuing to support the Metropolitan Police restore peace to the capital by sending further officers to London.

A number will be travelling this afternoon and overnight to help arrest, identify or deter people from rioting and looting.

Police would like to dispel fictitious and malicious rumours which are circulating, particularly on social networking sites about disorder on the streets of Suffolk.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Marshall said: “We would like to inform residents of Suffolk that there is no unrest here in the county. We understand how distressing these rumours must be to residents of Suffolk and can assure people there is no substance in them.”

Despite the assistance being sent to London, Suffolk Police has a significant number of resources still on duty and a high-visibility presence will continue throughout the day and night to deter any disorder as well as offering reassurance to residents who are worried by the events unfolding in the capital.

ACC Marshall added: “We are working hard to ensure the county remains safe and we have sufficient-trained police officers on duty to deal with any situation should it arise.”

Suffolk Police understands that business owners may be feeling concerned following the recent events in London and are subsequently issuing advice.

Retailers should conduct regular checks outside their building for any suspicious activity, identify any areas of their property which are vulnerable to forced entry and ensure CCTV is fully-operational.

As a precautionary measure additional officers and PCSOs will patrolling main towns to provide high-visibility reassurance patrols. They will be visiting businesses, community venues and other places where people gather to engage with local people and provide advice and guidance.

Police in Suffolk are reiterating the words of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Tim Godwin and would urge parents to be aware of and ask their children where they are and who they are with.

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