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Positive Impact of Using Hearing Aids

Local hearing aid audiologist, Karen Finch, explains that hearing aids make a great difference, especially in relations with significant others.

Hearing aid users say that their hearing aids have a significant, positive impact on their lives. This is shown by a study carried out in France, Germany and the UK. The users especially state that their hearing aids improve their lives in terms of relationships at home, social life and group activities. The hearing aids also help them to communicate more effectively in most situations.

Hearing aids are especially beneficial when it comes to conversations with individuals, in smaller groups or when watching TV. Their significant others also experience improvements socially if the hearing impaired person is wearing hearing aids. This includes communication, social activities and personal relations.

The most challenging situations for hearing aid users are still noisy situations, conversations in large groups and conversations on the telephone. The study shows that hearing aids improve the social life and the quality of life of the hearing impaired. So even though it can be difficult to admit that one needs a hearing aid, all experience shows that the use of hearing aids can improve one’s life significantly.

• Karen Finch is a registered Hearing Aid Audiologist, and Managing Director of The Hearing Care Centre, which has 14 local centres based across Suffolk. For details of their forthcoming Hearing Care Open Days see advert on our back page. Tel: 01473 230330. Web: www.hearingcarecentre.co.uk.

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