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Dementia Roadshow

The UK’s first ever Dementia Community Roadshow will visit Ipswich on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 August. With nearly 7,700 people predicted to be living in Suffolk PCT with undiagnosed dementia in 2021, Alzheimer’s Society’s Roadshow is a vital first step in providing much needed information and advice about the condition.

The vehicle will be at the Ipswich Tesco Extra store on Copdock Interchange for two days, and will be open to visitors between 10am and 4pm. People who are currently living with dementia, are worried about a friend or relative’s memory, or have questions about the condition are encouraged to drop by with no appointment necessary.

A joint Mapping the Dementia Gap study published earlier this year from Tesco, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland revealed huge variations in the numbers of people with dementia receiving a diagnosis around the UK. In Suffolk PCT, a shocking 63 per cent of people with dementia don’t have a diagnosis. Within the rest of the East of England, 58 per cent of people with dementia in Great Yarmouth And Waveney PCT don’t have a diagnosis and this soars to 71per cent in North East Essex PCT. Many people delay seeking help because of low awareness of symptoms and treatments or fear they will lose their independence. But a formal diagnosis is vital for people with dementia so they can access drugs, support and advice to enable them to live well with the condition.

The Dementia Community Roadshow aims to reach 100,000 people over three years and will visit Tesco car parks across the UK spending two days at every store it visits. The Roadshow will help raise awareness, provide vital information and advice on dementia, direct people to essential local services and help bring people concerned about their memory one step closer to achieving a diagnosis.

Paul Dunnery, East Area Manager at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “It’s really worrying that 63 per cent of people with dementia in Suffolk PCT don’t have access to the help and support they need to live well with the condition. This partnership with Tesco has enabled us to establish a Roadshow that really is pioneering. It will help us reach out to communities, tackle stigma by raising awareness of the condition and encourage people who are worried about their memory to visit their GP.”

Josh Hardie, Head of Corporate Responsibility, said: “With stores across Suffolk, we’re really proud to help Alzheimer’s Society raise awareness of dementia throughout the county. Our staff and customers have already been showing great support for our Charity of the Year and we hope that together we can build a better future for people with dementia.”

If people are worried about their memory, or are affected by dementia, and the Dementia Community Roadshow isn’t coming to their area soon, they can visit www.alzheimers-tesco.org.uk for further information and advice.

Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland are Tesco Charity of the Year 2011. Together they aim to raise £5million and for each day of the partnership, aim to help 300 people live better with dementia. As well as the Roadshow, the partnership will fund new research and dementia support professionals to help those living with the condition.

Dementia and diagnosis rates for the UK are available in an interactive map at www.alzheimers-tesco.org.uk

Dementia and diagnosis rates for the East of England (available in an interactive map at www.alzheimers-tesco.org.uk)

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