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Medicines: Bank Holiday Arrangements

Are you prepared for the bank holiday weekend?

Stock up your medicine cabinet before the August Bank Holiday weekend.
That’s the message from NHS Suffolk as it encourages people to be prepared to deal with any unexpected minor injury or illness over the August bank holiday weekend.

Lynne Wigens, NHS Suffolk’s chief nurse said: “A well-stocked medicine cabinet will save you a lot of time and trouble, should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a minor injury or illness this weekend.

“Make sure you have some paracetamol, anti-diarrhoeal medicine, rehydration mixture, indigestion remedy and plasters, including steri-strips.

“Pop down to your local pharmacy before this weekend and ask for some advice – your pharmacist is a trained professional who will be happy to help make sure you have everything you need. Stocking up needn’t be expensive and you could save money by buying own brand medicines instead of the big brands.

“Many people don’t bother having a stock of medicines as they think they will never need them. However, these are the people who will end up going to their local A&E department seeking treatment for a minor condition.

“A&E is not the place to go for treatment of minor conditions – by doing so they are using up valuable resources and could potentially delay the treatment of someone with a serious condition such as a heart attack or stroke.”

If you feel unwell this weekend:
Contact your local pharmacist. There are a number of pharmacies open over the holiday weekend who will be able to help and offer over-the-counter medication for many minor injuries and illnesses.

Call your GP surgery for more serious medical conditions, unless your condition is critical or genuinely life-threatening. If the surgery is closed, you will either get put straight through to the out-of-hours service or asked to call the service directly on 0300 130 3066.

For urgent dental requirements when your usual dental practice is shut, please ring 0300 130 3065.

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