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Rendlesham Company join with Adnams

Suffolk brewer Adnams has launched a new range of condiments developed exclusively by Rendlesham-based Stokes Sauces, in partnerships with Adnams chefs.

The range includes Adnams Tomato Ketchup, Mustard with Broadside, Brown Sauce and Strawberry Jam, which are all made in small batches in Suffolk.

Adnams wanted the jars and bottles to make an impact, so teamed up with local artist Clare Curtis. Clare specialises in linocut printwork and has created a series of land and sea illustrations visualising the local area. Adnams’ branding agency CookChick has featured Clare’s designs on the product labels.

Liz Cobbold. Adnams Head of Marketing commented, “Adnams Broadside Christmas puddings and tomato sauce have been popular for many years and we wanted to extend the range to include a wider variety of products. Many of the new Adnams additions are the perfect partners to pub favourites – brown sauce with bangers and mash, Adnams chutney & mustard with ploughman’s. All of course served with and a pint of Adnams Beer!

“Stokes Sauces have such a fantastic reputation and for our chefs to work with them in developing exclusive Adnams recipes has been a great experience. To round this all off with fantastic local illustrations on the labels, results in an Adnams food range that we think people will be proud to have on the table.

“We will be stocking the full range of products in all of our Cellar & Kitchen stores, online, in Adnams hotels and in our new House of Fraser concession store in Norwich.”

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