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Dog Firework Warning

As Bonfire Night approaches, people will be busy buying sparklers, catherine wheels and firecrackers and looking forward to an evening of excitement with their friends and family. The one thing that may be forgotten however, is the dog.

Don’t forget about the dog In the run-up to November 5th, the Kennel Club is urging dog owners across the country to ensure their four-legged friends are not overlooked, and remain safe and sound. Fireworks create loud bangs and flashes which may be exciting for humans but can be utterly terrifying for dogs.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director, said, “At this time of year it is crucial for dog owners to remember that their canine counterparts are particularly vulnerable, as fireworks can be very scary for dogs due to their acute sense of hearing.

“Fireworks can strike dogs with a sense of terror, which can lead to injury. Not only are fireworks and bonfires particularly dangerous to dogs themselves, but the fear they cause can make a dog behave out of character, such as chewing themselves, and may increase the risk of a dog bolting and running out in to traffic.

“It is advisable for dog owners to keep their dog safe inside the house and to create a stress-free environment where the dog can retreat to. Desensitising dogs to the loud noises beforehand is also recommended, and there are many good specialist CDs which can be bought online to help dogs gradually become used to the noise caused by fireworks as Bonfire Night approaches.

“Speaking to a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor about any potential behavioural issues that may arise around this time of year is recommended, as they are experts in the field and can offer invaluable advice which will help to safeguard the health and happiness of your dog.”


• For more information and a list of DO’S and DON’Ts visit www.doghousesuffolk.co.uk»

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