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Artist Neil Buchanan – still alive

Still very much alive – Neil Buchanan

Neil Buchanan, the talented creator, artist, producer and presenter behind the two times BAFTA award-winning TV sensation Art Attack will be appearing at The Art & Framing Centre, in North Street in Sudbury to coincide with the launch of Neil Buchanan’s HOPE STREET – a powerful and nostalgic 12-strong series of signed, limited edition prints all about “the story of childhood”.

Neil Buchanan’s HOPE STREET art collection will be in The Art & Framing Centre in Sudbury from FRIDAY 11 NOVEMBER through to Christmas, whilst the former star of Art Attack will make a live gallery appearance during the town’s ‘Late Night Christmas Shopping’ on Friday 25 November from 6PM-8PM.

Three years ago, a sinister internet rumour started on Facebook (that still persists to this day) reported that the artist had ‘died of colon cancer’. From this dark rumour, Neil Buchanan began reflecting and recording the brighter days of his childhood growing up in “the great outdoor adventure playground” in Liverpool in the 1960s, when children were free to play outside… and so Neil Buchanan’s HOPE STREET was born.

The Secret by Neil Buchanan

Neil Buchanan will prove that he is very much alive and well with his personal visit to Sudbury and during the reception the artist will talk about the inspiration behind his debut collection of published art. Christmas will come early for visitors to The Art & Framing Centre and for one night only, whilst Neil is in the gallery, the artist will not only personally dedicate any works of art or souvenir brochures bought on the night, but customers who purchase a limited edition will be given a ‘A Little HOPE’ a ready-to-hang stretched canvas for FREE (normally priced at £75). Customers who buy ‘A Little HOPE’ on the night will be able to buy the canvas for just £55 and will be given a free souvenir brochure worth £10.

Commenting on the nostalgic and evocative collection of art, Neil Buchanan said: “HOPE STREET is the story of childhood and I want to take the viewer on a special journey. This voyage doesn’t involve a long car ride or train trip, because my HOPE STREET is not a place, it’s a state of mind… and it’s a nice place to be. To walk down HOPE STREET all you need is the gift that only children truly possess in abundant measure – imagination!”
HOPE STREET is proof (if it were needed) that ‘The Art Attack Man’s’ talents stretch far beyond the boundaries of drawing cartoons, papier maché model making and his awesome ‘Big Art’ creations on Art Attack. Neil Buchanan said: “I had six million young art critics every week on Art Attack and it was their opinions I cared about most. Normal people don’t have art hanging on their walls, they have pictures! The greatest honour will be if people like my HOPE STREET paintings enough to hang them on their walls. That will be the biggest approval rating for me!”

The Cinder Path by Neil Buchanan

HOPE STREET gives a respectful nod to the rich narrative and humour achieved by Norman Rockwell and Jack Vettriano, whom Neil describes as his key art influences. Celebrated American portraiture artist, Jessica Rockwell, and cousin of the legendary Norman Rockwell, said: “Entering the universe of Neil Buchanan’s HOPE STREET is a tranquil space filled with the imagination of children. Neil Buchanan reminds us of possibilities real and true. We see past our troubles and fears and know that we can be creators of a better world.”

The 12 images are exquisitely painted, with light and flowing brushstrokes that depict a time when children were free to play in the great outdoor adventure before traffic clogged up our streets and cyberspace banished play to the bedroom. In essence, Neil has achieved a global and timeless connectivity with anyone, anywhere, who can relate to the joy of a happy and carefree childhood.
Neil said, “I’m a sucker for nostalgia and I hope the paintings of my HOPE STREET will bring memories of your own childhood flooding back. As a performer, I want my pictures to perform for you and take you on a journey down your own HOPE STREET – to a place where you were free to dream and be whatever and whoever you wanted to be.”
Neil Buchanan’s HOPE STREET will be in The Art & Framing Centre, 76 North Street, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 1RF in the countdown to Christmas. To contact the gallery call 01787 310900 or www.artandframingcentre.com

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