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Street Light Switch-off Blamed for Tap Theft

In the early hours of Monday (14th November) one of our readers had an outside tap stolen from her premises.

You may think that the person should have ensure that their property was securely locked up, however what is unbelievable is the fact that the tap was in fact plumbed in!!!

Sue told us that they discovered the theft and the resulting water gushing out at the property the next morning. She went on to say that they have since discovered that a neighbour also had a tap stolen.

Those affected are blaming the recent decision by the Council to switch off street lighting in areas of the town after midnight. Sue said “Previously we hadn’t had any problems around here. I think we all pay enough Council taxes already, turn the lights back on.”

In a poll, carried out on this website, over 80% of you believe that the lights should either be left on or just dimmed.

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