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Bobbles help Age UK Suffolk

Daphne Savage, Chief Executive of Age UK Suffolk, joined Mark Murphy, BBC Radio Suffolk, on his morning show to promote the charity’s Bobble Day fundraiser on Friday 10th February.

The leading local charity supporting older people Age UK Suffolk is asking local people to join in a fun campaign to raise money to help prevent a deadly serious problem for the most vulnerable older people. Each winter in Suffolk, more than 400 elderly people die of preventable cold-related causes and the charity needs to raise money to continue its work to reduce the number of older people suffering through cold and isolation. Bobble Day on Friday 10th February is the highlight of Age UK’s winter Spread The Warmth campaign.

Daphne Savage explained “We are delighted to be working with Suffolk Foundation and ensuring that the Surviving Winter monies they raised are reaching those individual older people who need the help most. However, our support, in preventing isolation through befriending and day centres or getting people their maximum income and helping with other problems, goes on throughout the year. So we need to raise tens of thousands to keep that going.”

Bobble Day is an easy way for anyone to have some fun and raise some money so that Age UK Suffolk can go on helping vulnerable older people throughout the year. The charity is challenging local people, businesses, schools, sports clubs to ‘get bobbling’ on 10 February. Age UK Suffolk’s Maggie James said, “You can wear a bobble, make a bobble, bake a bobble cake or just wear something bright, warm and orange to symbolise the warmth that many older people lack in their lives. Orange ‘bobbles’ are available at all the Age UK Suffolk shops in Suffolk or from our office – phone us on 01473 359911.

Or why not have a Wear a Woolly day at work and bring out all those wild sweaters that never see the light of day!”

BBC Radio Suffolk’s Mark Murphy said “If you are struggling to keep warm this winter, Age UK Suffolk is there to help. They are great people, so just contact them, whether you are concerned about your fuel bills, need advice about insulation, are struggling a bit at home, whatever it is – they are there to help you.” 

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