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It’s Complete Madness

Complete Madness has to be the most lively, energetic and fun packed show you are ever likely to see! Right from the opening number, ‘One Step Beyond’ the venues start rocking.

This professional five-piece band has the ability to whip-up any crowd from the word GO! Probably the most sought after, hard working and renowned Madness tribute band in Europe ‘Complete Madness’ expertly cascade all of the nuttiest sounds around onto the excited, expectant audience.

You don’t have to be a Madness fan to enjoy this show, just enjoy being entertained! Complete Madness are now in their 15th year and each year still seem to go from strength to strength despite strengthening competition, but the few things the band have is trust, reliability and always a steady line up of band members.

March 17th
Westgate Ward Social Club
Box Office 01473 433100

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