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Home Brewing – How hobby can save money

Home brewers young and old are invited to a unique new brew shop in Ipswich. Brewers Barn on Norwich Road offers everything you need to start making quality beer, wine, cider and liquor at home – with a bar to sample what can be accomplished at home with a little care and craft.

Home beer and wine making is making a major comeback, with customers developing a sophisticated interest in high-quality food and drink, as well as welcoming the opportunity to save money. Although the shop caters for absolute beginners, Brewers Barn stocks all manner of specialist malts and hops for the more experienced home beer and wine maker. Also available is a selection of quality glassware and drinks related paraphernalia for parties or a home bar.

The hobby has come a long way since its last period of popularity in the 1970s and 80s which shop owner John Ridealgh is keen to explain, “The hobby used to be massively popular but fizzled out until a few years ago, the newer kits make things much easier for the newcomer due to the quality of the raw materials and the improved manufacturing process.

“It’s very simple to get started and you can have your first batch of your favourite beverage ready in no time – some kits can be made in a matter of days. This isn’t something only for keen enthusiasts now, everyone from, students to parents, can find it easy and accessible with a beer, wine or cider starter kit that wont break the bank.”

With the hobby set to hit an all-time high in its popularity, John Ridealgh is optimistic about the future, “This can be a cheaper alternative, which is always a plus, but I think the major appeal is that people can have some real fun first-hand with the production. In the future, we’re looking to stock natural local ingredients, and people can even use produce from their garden to help with the process.

“It can be a tremendously rewarding experience as you work and experiment to get the perfect flavour. That’s something that I’m hoping that friends and older families will be excited about sharing together. Who knows, your next favourite drink could come from your own home.”

• You can visit the website on www.brewersbarn.co.uk or follow the team on Facebook and Twitter.

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