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Suffolk man fined over firearms

Police are urging people to take proper care of any firearms they own after a 32-year-old man from Thurston was found guilty of failing to comply with the conditions of his shotgun certificate.

Niels Hansen-Nord appeared at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court on Friday 11 May having been reported by police for failing to keep his guns secure.

In January 2012 Hansen-Nord had removed three shotguns from a secure cabinet for cleaning. He then left his property with the guns still insecure. Whilst he was out his property was entered and the guns were stolen. They are still yet to be recovered.

Hansen-Nord was found guilty of the offence and fined £3,500 plus costs by the court.

Richard Kennett, manager of the joint Norfolk and Suffolk Firearms Licensing Unit, said: “It is clear that the courts are as concerned as the police, that proper care should be taken to reduce the risk of lawfully held guns from falling into the hands of criminals which could result in their use with tragic results.”

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