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Pulse 2012: Bring Money

BAC Take Out presents


Performed by Hannah Ringham
Written by Glen Neath and Hannah Ringham
Directed by John Hardwick
Music by Ben and Max Ringham

Pulse Fringe Festival at New Wolsey Theatre Studio, 26th May at 8.45pm

Following their critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the British Council Showcase acclaimed performer and co-founder of award-winning Shunt Hannah Ringham performs this new collaboration as part of BAC Take Out at Pulse Festival. This is a Free Show! But what is it worth? How much will you pay? Funny, witty and fearless.

Hannah could list A roads and I would be gripped. Tim Crouch

Meet Hannah, a woman whose life has gone wrong. How much should you pay to hear her story? What’s it worth? What’s her life worth? How much would you pay for a good night out?

As well as being intelligently anarchic and curiously touching THE FREE SHOW BRING MONEY is, I think, a significant theatrical exploration. It undermines and unsettles its audience’s relationship with the whole process of consuming theatre. In that sense it feels strikingly timely. That it does so with such charm and wit is a real achievement. Written with grace and clarity and performed with as poised directness, it feels like a brilliant cross between Les Dawson and Samuel Beckett. Simon Stephens

At the heart of this show lies the question of it’s worth.

It’s great to look around and see the rest of the audience from the back of the stalls, both laughing and silent, it was genuinely very exciting to watch and I found myself thinking – my god do I still like theatre after all. It has that magic ingredient for me of leading in one direction and then hoodwinking me. Ju Row Farr (Blast Theory)

Hannah Ringham and Glen Neath were selected for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase last August; a biennial platform of contemporary UK performance featuring some of the most outstanding small and middle-scale touring productions made in the UK and selected by the British Council from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In Edinburgh over 150 delegates from the international performing arts sector came to see Free Show, which is now available for touring.

www.pulsefringe.com – 01473 295900

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