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Pulse 2012: Nola

NOLA – A Documentary Play about the BP Oil Spill
26th May 2012 – (Work in Progress) Pulse Festival New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich

New production from Double fringe First winners comes to Ipswich for Pulse

A new production from leading documentary theatre company Look Left Look Right will show in an exclusive work in progress form at this year’s Ipswich Pulse Festival before heading off to the Edinburgh Festival. Previous Look Left Look Right shows have twice won coveted Fringe First awards.

On the 20th April 2010 the Macondo oil well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded. Unable to cap the well, oil continued to flow for 3 months releasing 53,000 barrels per day into the gulf. Two years later the story and impact of the explosion is still on-going. The Deepwater Horizon Spill has been described as the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.

Six months after the explosion Look Left Look Right visited New Orleans and talked to people about their experiences as a result of the spill. The interviews conducted, alongside multiple research gathered over the past year form the basis of a verbatim script, telling the story of the explosion and the aftermath through the eyes of those directly and indirectly affected, whilst also exploring the UK’s complex relationship with the oil industry. Using Look Left Look Rights distinctive approach to verbatim text, working closely with the original interview recordings to develop the script, NOLA will recount the stories of those affected by the spill. The interviews gathered include testimony’s from families of the victims and survivors to local fishermen and Peak Oil scientists this documentary theatre piece hears word for word how everyday people have coped with this disaster.

Following NOLA’s performance at Pulse the full production will premiere at The Edinburgh Fringe in August where it has been selected to be part of Arts Council England’s prestigious Escalator East To Edinburgh programme.

List of interviewees includes:
Professor Charles Hall – SUNY University Lecturer in Peak Oil
Clint Moore – man who discovered Deep Water Oil
Anonymous – Former worker of BP
Misty – Resident of Cameron, LA area heavily affected by the spill
Sal – CEO of P&J Oysters New Orleans, LA
Keith Jones – Lawyer, Baton Rouge, LA – father of one of the men killed on the platform
Diane and Danny – Fisherman and Boatyard Owners from Cameroon, LA




Work in Progress: (Listed as The BP Story – working title) 26th May 4pm New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

www.pulsefringe.com – 01473 295900

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