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Mercury, Colchester: Doctor in the House

Do you need a prescription for laughter? Then here comes the cure as the classic British comedy, Doctor in the House hits the stage!

Doctor in the House follows the fortunes of Simon Sparrow (Joe Pasquale), starting as a new medical student at the fictional St Swithin’s Teaching Hospital in London.

It was the most popular box office film of 1954 in Great Britain. Its success spawned six sequels and a very popular television series.

When Sparrow has to leave his first choice of lodgings to get away from his landlady’s amorous daughter, he ends up with three amiable but less-than-shining fellow students as flat mates. Towering over them all is the short-tempered, demanding chief surgeon, Sir Lancelot Spratt (Robert Powell), who strikes terror into everyone.

Starring one of Britain’s most loved funnymen, Joe Pasquale and star of stage and screen Robert Powell, Doctor in the House has delighted audiences for generations. Refereed by award-winning director Ian Talbot, this is comedy at its very best; the doctor will see you now!

9-14th July Box Office 01206 573948

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