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Felixstowe Jubilee Celebrations

The unseasonal weather failed to halt the patriotism of Felixstowe’s residents and tourists as they celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at a range of events in the resort organised by the Council’s resort team and the Felixstowe Futures team.

The Most Royally Decorated Beach Hut competition saw many of the owners gets into the spirit, with lots of decorations and some of it homemade, with knitted bunting and figures of the Royal Family. One 11 year old played God Save The Queen on her violin, while at another hut a child played the national anthem on a saxophone.

The competition was judged by Claire Cook, manageress of the resort’s Marks and Spencer’s store, along with members of the resort team, one of whom was dressed as the Queen.

The winners of a closely-fought but fun contest into which clearly a great deal of effort was put, was Ken Anderson and his family, while the Memory family claimed second place with the Kerridge family gaining third. The fourth prize went to the appropriately titled Diane Royal!

“I would like to thank everyone who braved the worst of the weather and still took part in the celebrations for this truly historic occasion. It is a sign of how much respect people have for our Queen that despite the rain and cold that so many have taken part in events in Felixstowe and across the rest of our district, including those at Woodbridge that I attended, to pay their own tribute,” said Cllr Geoff Holdcroft, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Economic Development.

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