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Police warning of telephone scam

Police are again warning residents to be alert for scam telephone calls after a woman in Halesworth received a call from a person purporting to be from Ministry of Justice saying that in return for a £99 Ukash voucher she would receive a cheque for more than £3,000.

The caller contacted the woman on Friday 8 June, made reference to overpaid bank charges and said that once the resident had obtained the voucher she should forward it to a company and would then receive a cheque via a courier.

The woman contacted police before purchasing the voucher after becoming suspicious.

Police are urging residents to be alert for a number of telephone scams, such as this, in which callers try to get you to hand over cash with the promise of a larger sum to follow when they have received it.

In similar incidents callers have claimed to work for a range of organisations including the Ministry of Justice and London County Court among others.

In some cases the callers know basic information such as the name and address of the person they are calling and use this information to encourage people to get Ukash vouchers which either need to be sent or will be collected in return for thousands of pounds to follow at a later date. Officers are reminding residents NEVER to respond to anything which demands you hand over cash before reclaiming funds.

Genuine refunds will be automatically delivered without you having to pay anything and you should never respond to demands for money to be sent in this way.

Similar scams are often used with the promise of a prize or reward in the future and many people have been duped into sending off hundreds or thousands of pounds before they realise it is just a ploy to con you out of cash.

Please be extremely cautious when dealing with any unknown callers – never respond to requests for money and never give out personal or bank details or PIN numbers over the phone.

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