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Steam Railway Gala Weekend

Suffolk’s only full-size heritage railway hosts the largest event in it’s history this summer as it celebrates ten years of running trains.

The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway was formed in 1991 and started running steam trains in 2002, now the registered charity is planning to hold Suffolk’s first ever steam gala at its Brockfrod Station base featuring up to three locomotives.
The three-day event takes place on July 27th, 28th and 29th, the closest date to another anniversary, 60 years since the original line’s closure.

There will also be a visit by the Barton House miniature railway as an added attraction. Press Officer Edmund Crosthwaite said of the event, “It is the first time we have attempted to run an event this big so we are determined to make it a success. There will be an intensive passenger timetable as well as demonstrations goods and engineering trains using all available engines.

“A lot of the programme includes things we haven’t done on open days before so there will be something for everyone to see, whether you’ve visited us every year we’ve run trains or you’ve never been before. Preparations have been ongoing since last summer to make sure we appeal to families, tourists and railway enthusiasts alike.”
The event is also an opportunity for the museum to showcase how far it has come since its creation and the work of its volunteers.

Mr Crosthwaite said, “We have a very dedicated group of people who run and support the railway in their spare time so the gala will be a celebration of their contributions and achievements as well.

More information on the station’s website, www.mslr.org.uk.

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