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Visit Fawlty Towers, in Felixstowe

Appearing for the first time at The Spa Pavilion are the cast and crew of the Seagull Rep who take us back to 1970s Torquay where we will see Basil Fawlty steer his dysfunctional guesthouse through another season.

The Seagull Rep’s adaptation of the seminal TV comedy featuring John Cleese has already proved a runaway success, and now on its third and final tour this laugh-out-loud farce just keeps getting better and better.

The production has been delighting audiences since the Seagull staged their first three episodes in 2009. John Hales, the director of the show, believes it’s enduring popularity is down to a combination of factors.

“With Fawlty Towers, you’re ahead before you even start; we have some of the best written scripts in British comedy to work with. Also, our brilliant and talented cast and crew give their all to bring the show to life. We pay such attention to detail that our audiences tell us it feels like they are actually at a studio recording of the TV show.”

The chaotic hotel tentatively opened its doors at the Seagull in 2009. Unsure of how it would be received by audiences so fond of the TV series, the Seagull Rep toured the show at three local venues. It turned out to be one of the best decisions they ever made. The first year received universal acclaim and standing ovations, leading to a second expanded tour in 2010. This year’s ‘fond farewell tour’ has developed even further, with the show now touring across the region and large theatres even approaching the Seagull Rep to take the show to them.

This year audiences can look forward to the most extraordinary show yet. The evening begins with the classic “Hotel Inspectors”, followed by Basil’s meltdown in “The Germans” and concluding with the frenzy of “Gourmet Night”.

To make this happen, the theatre company have arranged for a very special guest to appear in their rendition of the ‘gourmet night’ episode. This is of course the famously uncooperative Austin 1100.

Getting a car onto the stage is not an easy process. The car was sourced from a private seller in Buckinghamshire, which raised a slight transportation problem. Luckily Alastair King, manager of M R King and Sons was on hand. Taking his role as show sponsor very seriously, Alastair himself took a truck to Buckinghamshire and brought the car back to the theatre, ready for work to begin.

Before its starring role, the little Austin needed a significant facelift. The car was painted the original red and a host of other alterations made, right down to the replica original number plate currently being sourced.

Those working on the show believe that this obsessive attention to detail is going to make the fourth run of Fawlty Towers the biggest and best so far.

The car (christened ‘VB’ by the team- those familiar with the scene may be able to figure out why) will be a real treat for audiences across the whole of East Anglia. It is, after all, the unwilling centerpiece of one of the finest scenes in British comedy history!
Fawlty Towers can be seen live on stage at The Spa Pavilion on Tuesday 28th August at 7.30pm.


Fawlty Towers
Tuesday 28th August
Tickets : £12.00, Concession £10.00
Box office 01394 282126

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