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Mark Beaumont survives Atlantic capsize

Mark Beaumont is a remarkable man with a penchant for ultra-endurance expeditions.

In 2008 Mark shot to fame when he smashed the World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle covering 18,296 miles in 194 days 17 hours, taking him across four continents and through 20 countries, cycling at the speed of 100 miles a day for more than half a year.

In 2009, Mark set out on his second ultra-endurance solo challenge; to cycle the length of the American Cordillera. On this 13,000 mile expedition Mark not only cycled the longest mountain range on the planet but also climbed the highest peaks in North and South America – Mt McKinley in Alaska and Aconcagua in Argentina – whilst making his second self-filmed documentary for the BBC.

“Truly inspiring, the sort of thing that makes you want to get off the couch, out of the house and on the road.”


In the summer of 2011, Mark joined a team of six in an historic rowing expedition through the Canadian Arctic as the BBC camera man as well as on the oars. Their aim was to reach a former location of the 1996 North Magnetic Pole. It is only in the last few years that the sea ice has melted for a short period allowing for a journey like this to be attempted. Mark once again filmed the expedition for a BBC One documentary.

Earlier this year Mark narrowly survived after capsizing mid-Atlantic whilst attempting a World Record crossing. During this autumns talk tour, Mark will share for the first time what impact this accident has had on his life and expedition plans.

In An Evening with Mark Beaumont tour, sponsored by Lifedge, Rudy Project, The Saltire Foundation, Adventure Film Festival, Insights and Kukri Events, Mark offers the audience a chance to share his epic expeditions; including hostile encounters on the borderlands of Helmand Province, isolation whilst crossing the great deserts, close encounters with polar bears and diving into the flooded cabins to save the lives of his team. Despite being mugged in Louisiana, locked up by police in Pakistan and many other setbacks Mark remains positive about expedition life.

‘I take a lot of strength from the fact that so many people follow my journeys, aspiring to go out and take on their own dreams. Exploring the world and pushing my limits is a dream career – for all the risks and setbacks I still love the adventure.’

With a thirst for adventure from an early age (Mark cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End aged just 15), Mark’s story is a captivating tale of where life can lead if you have enough determination; a story of mental and physical endurance, as well as a fascinating insight into the world we live in.

An Evening with Mark Beaumont is touring UK theatres during autumn 2012 and will be showing at the Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, on Tuesday 16th October. To book tickets, contact the Box Office on telephone 01394 282126 or, for more information, visit www.markbeaumontonline.com.

An Evening with Mark Beaumont
Tuesday 16th October 2012
£14.00 Concession £12.00
Box Office 01394 282126


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