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Victim Support invites public debate

Victim Support invites the public to challenge PCC candidates. The charity Victim Support is hosting a question time debate in Ipswich with the police and crime commissioner (PCC) candidates on how they will support victims of crime. PCCs will soon be responsible for organising and funding local services for victims of crime.

They will be free to offer as much or as little support for victims as they
want. This means that there will be no safeguards or guarantees of
help for victims’ once PCCs are in post. As a result, some victims
could lose out and be left to cope with the impact of crime on their

Both Jane Basham for Labour and Tim Passmore for Conservatives have
agreed to sign Victim Support’s pledges to victims of crime and will
be attending the debate. Unfortunately, newly declared independent
candidate, David Cocks is unable to make the event, but a spokesperson
will read out a statement on his behalf.

The debate offers members of the public and those working with victims
and witnesses a chance to find out what their PCC candidates are
planning to do for them, ahead of the elections on 15 November. It
will take place at the Lecture Hall, Ipswich Central Library on Monday
15th October from 4.00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and can
register on 01603 756354 or by emailing

It will be chaired by Javed Khan, Chief Executive Victim Support who

“Anyone can be the victim of crime and with big changes coming for
the help on offer we’re encouraging local people to come along and
grill their PCC candidates on what they’ll do for victims.

This public debate will also be an opportunity for people to find out
if their candidates have signed up to our five promises to victims and
how they will put them into practice.”

Steve, a robbery victim said:

“After I was mugged, I felt anxious about going out and scared to
walk home from work. I stopped meeting friends and going to evening
classes. Victim Support helped me get through it with by giving me
someone to talk to, helping with the insurance claim, and providing a
personal alarm. I am not sure how I would have coped or whether I
would have been able to keep working without that support.

I think everyone should get along to the meeting if they can and find
out how the candidates would treat victims and witnesses. This way
people clearly can vote for the candidate who’ll do most for victims
of crime.”

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