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A Taste of Ireland

Embodying the true spirit of Ireland, Celtic Dream is a breathtaking myriad of brilliant dance, phenomenal vocals and glittering costumes.

Featuring a truly International Cast of the finest dancers and vocalists from around the world, Celtic Dream will enchant and take audiences on an uplifting journey of song and dance against a backdrop of highly infectious, powerful and spirit invoking music.

Celtic Dream is the perfect blend of Modern & Traditional Irish music and song. Heartwarming performances feature alongside astoundingly choreographed dance routines …….and there most definitely more than a fair share of the old Irish ‘Craic’.

Audiences will be delighted with time honoured classics like
‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Carrickfergus’ to the haunting
Sarah McLachlan’s ‘In the Arms of the Angels’.

Celtic Dream will leave you mesmerised and wanting more!

Some quotations from the Audience & Press……..

“What a show…..What a Night…What a Party!”
“One night is definitely not long enough!”
“A show filled with Irish spirit!”

• The Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe on the 2nd November at 7:30pm
01394 282126

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