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NW Youth show – One in a Million

What would you do if you found a million pounds?

The New Wolsey Youth Theatre is exploring the answer to this question with their latest production entitled ‘Millions’.

Pic by Mike Kwasniak

Two brothers Damian and Anthony move to a new house in a new town with their father, following the death of their mother. A situation that elder boy Anthony exploits at every opportunity having discovered that, by telling people “Our Mother’s dead” folks give him stuff!

Damian and Anthony unwittingly get caught up in a train robbery, when Damian finds a large holdall full of used bank notes! Damian believes that his prayers have been answered and that the bag of money has come from God and therefore should be used to help people, Anthony, however intends to spend spend spend. Add to this the fact that Britain is about to join the Euro in a matter of days and pound sterling will become totally worthless, what will the boys do?

This is the first time that Frank Cottrell Boyce’s bittersweet story has been brought to the stage, and The New Wolsey Youth Theatre tackle the tale with much maturity with strong performances throughout the production. Marcus Poore and Harry Longbottom are perfectly cast as brothers Damian and Anthony, both playing the parts in a believable way, tackling a Yorkshire accent with ease and portraying the relationship between two siblings brilliantly.

Pic by Mike Kwasniak

Millions is expertly directed by Laura Norman, who, through many rehearsals and workshops, has allowed the company to put their own stamp on this production. With a simple set of boxes and packing cases the talented cast takes the audience on a journey between the vices of buying everything in the shops to the virtues of ending world poverty, plus a very funny nativity play!

The New Wolsey Youth Theatre allows children to not only learn all about theatre from acting to theatre making, but also gives young people the confidence to go out into the world and achieve anything they want to do. You won’t find any sickly sweet stage school kids here, just a group of mature and confident young people who really know how to put on a good show, and a very enjoyable evening of theatre it was too!

For future New Wolsey Youth Theatre productions visit www.wolseytheatre.co.uk

— Wendy Cook —

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