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Skyfall Launch for Ipswich Cineworld IMAX

The new IMAX at the Cardinal Park site officially played host to a special James Bond event on Thursday 25th October, ahead of the official opening on Friday 26th October.

The IMAX Experience® combines patented crystal-clear digital projection, powerful digital sound, a larger, slightly curved and specially treated IMAX screen and customised auditorium geometry designed to maximize audiences’ field-of-view.

Piers Button Cineworld Ipswich General Manager comments, “We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this amazing cinema experience to our customers. We can’t wait to open this screen in style with the latest Bond film; Skyfall”

Ipswich24’s Terry Hunt went along and reviews the latest James Bond experience.

Showing on the newly installed Imax screen at Cineworld, Ipswich, this is without doubt the best in the Bond series so far. A departure from the usual Bond format, be prepared to be taken on a roller coaster ride of excitement and emotion. The opening chase scene is spectacular and the Imax screen and sound system puts you right in the heart of the action. The chase sets the scene for the plot that runs through the film and is full of twists and turns that will have you saying to yourself “I didn’t see that coming”.

There is the usual mix of glamorous women, casino action, fight scene and spectacular stunts. There are fewer gadgets than in previous outings but the surprise return of an “old friend”.
There are many surprises and a few big shocks in this movie so if you don’t want the experience to be spoilt keep out of the way of those who have seen it so you can enjoy the excitement and tension as it unfolds.

There are terrific performances from Daniel Craig as a mission weary Bond, Judy Dench as M being pulled between old school methods and new school techniques and Ben Wishaw as the new ,and very young, Q. Adele’s performance of the theme song rounds off a truly entertaining film.

If you see no other film this year make time to see the latest James Bond offering “Skyfall”.

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