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Paul Carrack – Ipswich Regent

In the week leading up to Paul Carrack’s appearance at the Regent I lost count of the number of times people said “Paul who???” when I told them I was going to see one of the country’s finest musicians.

Sheffield born Carrack is not a household name but the chances are that pretty much everybody will have at one time either sungalong to one of his songs or heard his playing on somebody elses.

Paul Carrack is an exceptional performer having worked with the likes of Elton John, The Eagles, Ringo Star, The Pretenders, Roger Waters and The Pretenders either as a vocalist or instrumentalist. When you consider that Elton John is a keyboard player, the fact that he used Paul to play organ on his Made in England album testifies Paul’s artistry.

Add to that the fact that he has been a member of Ace, Squeeze and Mike and the Mechanics as well as performing solo and you see just what kind of performer we are talking about.

This tour features alot of Paul’s latest album “Good Feeling” but there are of course all the tracks that we know him for too, How Long, Tempted, Over My Shoulder, The Living Years (fantastically performed with great backing harmonies).

Supported by a six-strong band that almost equal Paul in mastery you are guaranteed of a great night. You will marvel at the way that Mr Carrack’s voice can adapt to any genre, be it blues to rock and even the softer numbers. Be prepared to marvel at his guitar work and keyboard skills (sometimes both in the same song) and just when you think you have seen everything he has to offer he whistles effortlessly (something this reviewer has never been able to master).

This is the first time that I have seen Paul Carrack live, hopefully it will not be my last. Don’t miss him….. it will give you a Good Feeling.

MARK KEABLE — Ipswich24 Magazine

Were you at the concert? If so leave your comments below.

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