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Motorists warned of large load

Abbey Transport Ltd will move another large boat from Oundle to the Haven Marina in Ipswich on Tuesday 20 November 2012.

The boat which measures 5.23M in width, 5.90M in height, 24.86M in length and weighing 59000 kgs is expected to leave the Cambridgeshire border at around 9am, under the escort of Suffolk Police and will be taking the following route:

Continue towards Quy interchange and follow A1303 towards Newmarket.

To the roundabout take second exit.

Straight into Newmarket, through Newmarket High street to the clock tower roundabout.

Continue A1304.

Turn right B1506 (back via Cambridgeshire) through Kentford and pass under the A14 to join A14 towards Bury St Edmunds.

To pass under railway bridge at Bury St Edmunds keep as far as possible to offside for maximum.

Then continue A14 to Stowmarket.

Turn left A1308 through Stowmarket.

Continue B1113 through Needham Market to Gt Blakenham.

Turn right (still B1113 and contraflow to end of dual carriageway)*.

Continue through Lorraine Way Bramford Way and Sproughton village.

Turn left A1071 to the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Turn left A1214 into Ipswich.

Turn right A137 West End Road and follow one-way system to Bridge Street.

Enter Haven Marina from Bridge Street prior to Stoke Bridge.

* This is because the load will not pass under the bridges under the A14 at Claydon interchange.

It is expected in the Sproughton area at around mid-day, traffic and weather permitting.

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