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Movie Premiere: Digging For Victory

Two local filmmakers are gearing up to screen their feature length documentary debut, ‘Digging for Victory’ at the Ipswich Film Theatre this winter. Suffolk born Darius G Laws & Nick Woolgar have just left the edit suite having produced a charming film of the Capel St Mary Annual Flower & Produce Show.

The story focuses on some of the most passionate growers around as they prepare their crops to see just who can grow the biggest Pumpkin. With a diverse cast of characters and a quirky yet affectionate style, this feature length documentary is a warm and nostalgic look at this most British of past-times. A feel-good film guaranteed to entertain and inspire.

Digging For Victory will premiere on Sunday 2nd December at the Ipswich Film Theatre. Tickets now available at http://www.iftt.co.uk/digging-for-victory-u/

Darius G Laws (30) said “I’ve recently been helping my mum on her allotment in Capel St Mary and I realised how the passions of Capel’s horticultural legends should be told on film. With an unrivalled commitment to growing the competition’s ‘old hands’ make this film what it is”

Nick Woolgar (30) added “Myself and Darius have a huge soft spot for the village, and we believe this film is a real celebration of what makes Capel so special, both to us and also many of its residents.”

See a preview of “Digging For Victory”

• Digging For Victory is set for a premiere screening event at the Ipswich Film Theatre (in the Corn Exchange) on Sunday 2nd December at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £3 each and can be purchased from the Ipswich Film Theatre website – http://www.iftt.co.uk/

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