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Ipswich Hospital department refurbishment

Ipswich Hospital’s Gynaecology centre has undergone a major refurbishment to improve privacy and dignity for patients.

Both the emergency assessment unit and inpatient ward have been transformed.

Ward matron Hannah English said: “Coming to hospital for gynaecology treatment can be stressful and emotional and we hope the new environment will help women feel welcome and comfortable.”

Pictured left to right, Ward matron Hannah English, ultrasound advanced practitioner Gillian Stiff and head matron Karen Wolfe.

Most patients treated at the emergency assessment unit (also known as the Peggy Cole unit) are experiencing problems in early pregnancy. The new unit has been designed to maintain a patient’s privacy as they may be finding out sad news, such as learning they have experienced a pregnancy loss. It has a separate waiting area, a dedicated ultrasound room, confidential consulting rooms and a quiet room where couples can have some time alone to digest bad news.

The ward (Stour Ward) is for both planned and emergency operations, including gynaecology cancer surgery. It has a new admissions lounge with a dedicated admissions nurse. When patients first arrive they have their weight, blood pressure and other checks carried out by the nurse and are then taken directly to Theatre. This means nurses on the ward do not have to juggle the admissions paperwork and can focus on caring for recovering patients.

The new ward also has private rooms for occasions when the bedside curtain does not provide enough privacy, a day room and a quiet room.

Head matron Karen Wolfe said: “These private spaces are so important for discussing sensitive issues with patients and their families.”

The unit, based on the fifth floor of the hospital’s tall Maternity block, has 18 nurses, six healthcare assistants and doctors based on the ward.

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