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Hospital helps visitors find their way

A series of new patient-friendly signs are today helping visitors find their way at the Ipswich Hospital.

Ipswich Hospital corridors

The new Ipswich Hospital corridor colour guide

Icons, maps, colour and traditional directional signs are making the 46 acre site easier to navigate.

Sarah Higson, Patient Experience lead, said: “Patient and carer experiences begin at the moment they come onto site and those who can easily find their way will feel less anxious.

“For those with dementia, a learning disability or for those visitors who do not have English as their first language, or have difficulty reading, the pictures, colours and maps really help.”

The icon signage includes a syringe next to the blood tests sign, a heart for the cardiac clinic, a tooth for the dental clinic and an eye for the ophthalmology department.

Meanwhile, additional ‘You are here’ maps have been put up to help visitors who have lost track of their whereabouts.

The hospital has also colour coded the corridors in Outpatients. Each corridor wall is a different colour so patients in need of directions can be told ‘follow the green corridor and turn left when you reach the red corridor,’ for example.

There is new outdoor signage at the north end of the site to help visitors find the right entrance for departments including the Cancer Centre, Dermatology and the Diabetic Foot Clinic.

Jeff Calver, associate director of Estates, said: “Collectively, these changes should make life a lot easier for visitors.

“We also encourage people to stop and ask any member of staff if they need help finding their way.”


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