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Cheaper car parking in Ipswich

Thousands more visitors to Ipswich are taking advantage of cheap parking deals in the town centre, it has been announced.

The Borough Council has slashed the price of its short-stay shopper car parks to £1 per hour and figures show nearly 20,000 extra customers are using them.

New tariffs will apply to William Street (next to Crown Pools), Crown car park, the newly opened Regent public car park in Woodbridge Road, Upper Barclay Street and Bond Street.

carparkThe Crown car park alone has already seen more than 14,000 extra customers since last November, while the Regent car park has recorded an extra 2,550 since Christmas.

The new tariff was extended to William Street last month and already an extra 2,500 people have parked there. The total of 19,588 extra customers applies to four of the car parks – it does not include Bond Street.

Council Leader David Ellesmere said today: “This is very good news as it shows that our cheap parking policy is attracting more people to the town centre. The Council is doing all it can to support businesses in Ipswich and this is proving to be very effective. Clearly, we have no control over private operators but we have taken the lead and hope they will follow us.”

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