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Oyez Oyez – Ipswich goes digital

Visitors to Ipswich this week were greeted by not one but several Town Criers in the town centre. They were announcing the arrival of the new All About Ipswich App which was launched on Wednesday.

In the 18th Century Town Criers were used as the chief means of communication in towns, ringing a bell and making public announcements on the street; a far cry from the way we communicate now. Communication has moved on, especially since the birth of the internet.

Now over a third of the adult population of the UK use smartphones on a daily basis and it is clear that these devices have changed the way people communicate and consume brands forever.

The launch of the app place Ipswich firmly in the digital age and shows a real commitment to proactively marketing the town to visitors – both new and returning.

Ipswich Central and Ipswich Borough Council worked closely together over the last twelve months to create the ‘All About Ipswich’ brand to provide constantly updated information about East Anglia’s Waterfront town centre to anyone who wants it.

For the first time, Ipswich now has an all-encompassing identity. It allows all large scale events such as ‘The Big Switch On’, Celebrate Ipswich, Maritime, VIP Ipswich (the promotions and treats offering for the town) and much more to be promoted clearly.

The “app” is available to download for free at the App Store – just search Ipswich.

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