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The facts about Rubbish at Suffolk Show

John Taylor, senior steward of maintenance and showground shares some facts and figures.

“Year on year the Show aims to be greener and recycle more. This can only happen if the public help by using the appropriate bins “said John.

Three waste compactors operate continuously around the site to keep the bins emptied.

Last year the Show recycled:

2.5 tonnes of cardboard

½ tonne of plastic bottles

2.5 tonnes of mixed glass (aluminium cans are banned from the site)

½ tonne of food waste was sent to the Adnams anaerobic digester

21.5 tonnes of general waste – this goes to Boltons who for the first time in 2013 are optimistic that they can sort and recycle about 75 per cent.

Six skips of grass cuttings amassed in preparation for the Show are sent for recycling

20 tonnes of muck and straw from livestock areas are transported off site to decompose before being spread on a neighbouring farm

About 1800 straw bales are used.

125 galvanised barriers are erected for the Show

120 picnic benches

120 benches

150 galvanised water tanks for watering the animals. These are filled with bowsers on a continual basis

15 drinking water points, one is located in every avenue for visitors

33 fire points are located on the site

22 different types of vehicle permits into the show ground

Three different colour bins are used for waste and recycling: brown for food waste (in catering areas) red tops for plastic, blue for general waste, bottle banks for glass.

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