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Traceability and local food top of menu at Show

Discovering locally produced food and being able to trace back where it is reared before entering the food chain has become headline news since horse meat was found in processed meat products.
Provenance and traceability will be in evidence at the Suffolk Show and no where more so that in the Pig Ring where about two dozen pigs will be available for auction – among them the Show Champion and Reserve Champion. Prospective purchasers can talk to the farmers who produced them and discover where they were reared before bidding for pork for the freezer.

It has been said that some people feel under confident in buying meat from their butcher, not knowing which cut to ask for. C & K Meats will host butchery demonstrations showing where on the animal’s body the various cuts of meat come from and explaining the textures and cuts. And there will be the chance to discuss how to cook certain cuts and actually put some meat into use as Emma Haines and her team from “Cook with Me Kids” will be encouraging families to work together and rustle up their own delicious kebabs.

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