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Going Sheepish at the Suffolk Show

The gates are open and Farminanglia is the place to discover more about the diversity of farming in Suffolk.

Every year the Association chooses a different theme and this year it is sheep, which is appropriate as the President Stephen Cobbald is a farmer who has bred and shown sheep for many years. How good is your sheep knowledge?
Did you know?

* There are 575 sheep entries at this year’s Show – the most ever on record.
* There are about 70,000 sheep in the county
* There are more than 60 breeds in the UK
* Until 2007 Southdowns were on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watch list, now it is one of the most established breeds in the country.
* This year the Show hosts the Southdown Sheep Breed Society Show and there are nearly 140 in the sheep pens which is the highest amount ever recorded at the Suffolk Show.
* Sheep graze the grass in a special way that encourages biodiversity – they are often nicknamed “lawnmowers” as their gentle eating action has the same effect as a mower’s blades!

This area aims to communicate everything about sheep, showing how they are important to and used in everyday life. It also brings together the finalists of the Association’s new education competition for primary schools so show visitors can have a glimpse of the ongoing work to connect children with where and how their food is produced with how it ends on on their plate. Located by the entrance will be 45 of the most incredible rare breeds of sheep visitors are ever likely to see, which somehow seems relevant as the RBST celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

sheeptasticAll have been designed and made by Suffolk primary schools as part of the new Suffolk Farming School of the Year initiative launched this year by the Education team from the Association in conjunction with Emma Haines from Cook with Me Kids.

All have ear tags – so see if you can find your local school’s amazing entry.

Inside the marquee the three school finalists will be going head to head in a presentation of their “Sheep Trail” journey in a last bid to gain the title.

There are also other sheep related activities:

Richard Savory and his travelling ‘Sheep Show’, is an amusing educational and entertaining description of different sheep breeds telling of their different attributes that culminates with one of his cheeky sheep being sheared on stage.

Students from the fashion department from Suffolk New College will demonstrate how a warp is constructed and how to weave. They will host their own fashion show entitled “Ewe Beauty” and model a collection of garments especially designed and made from wool.

Unsure exactly which part of a sheep the lamb chops come from? A butchery demonstration will answer the question and the butcher will give advise on the best cuts for certain recipes and which give the best value for money.
Ever wanted to see if Dad can cook? Here’s your chance for a cook up with lamb for all the family – will it be kebab or kofta?

Farminanglia also includes the goat pens and highly popular Children’s Farm thanks to Euston Farm Park which provides this incredible opportunity for children of all ages to be close to the animals and even hold tiny new born chicks and ducklings, stroke the goats and watch the hens.

Farminanglia is also a collecting point for a Family Health Trail sheep stamp.


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