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Just42 needs help

Just42, the charitable organisation that runs clubs and a mentoring service for children and young people in the Woodbridge area is appealing for £30,000 to avoid having to make cuts in its services. The money is needed because the economic situation has not only increased the demand for its services but also put a squeeze on charitable donations.

Just42 runs 21 youth clubs in rural Suffolk, four of which are run from a recently converted mini-bus. This brings mobile youth clubs out to places where there are no transport or youth facilities whatsoever. It also runs holiday clubs, sports coaching sessions and a mentoring service for vulnerable children, some of whom may be involved in drug abuse, criminal damage or bullying.

Just42-picHaving been involved with Just42 for the past four years, County Councillor Caroline Page says: “Just42 embraces the most disadvantaged or excluded, and those with special needs, giving support, advice and help to encourage (often very needy) young people to succeed and fulfil their potential.”

“I am very proud that the group is based in Woodbridge, but the benefits spread out across Suffolk Coastal, and may alter lives. Just42 is not only doing this work well and effectively, it is doing it on a shoestring! After recent cuts Just42 is the only open access youth provider remaining in our part of Suffolk and its valuable work is funded entirely by donations.”

Charity Manager Caroline Rutherford explains: “Our vision is to make a positive impact on the lives of young people and children in rural Suffolk. We develop relationships over a number of years through our various projects, increasing wellbeing, school attendance and therefore educational achievement. We build confidence, self-esteem, community spirit, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and improve employability. In this time of economic hardship these are even more important.”

Last year Just42 worked with 2500 different children and young people at an average cost of £60 each, the major costs being for the two full-time youth work managers and for 13 part-time staff, who are supported by 40 volunteers and eight trustees. It is typical of the organisation that its members and some of the young people it supports join in the effort to raise funds. Remarkably, in June Councillor Page and fundraiser Julia Hancock raised £2,500 in a five-day 60-mile sponsored walk from Landguard Point to Lowestoft.

Caption for photograph: Happy children at Just42’s Hasketon Youth Club

For more information and for guidance on how to make a donation to Just42, contact Charity manager Caroline Rutherford on 01394 380992 caroline@just42.org.uk or visit the website www.just42.org.uk.

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