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Circus comes to town

The UK’s newest and most magical circus Circus Wonderland is a spellbinding blend of colour, laughter and excitement to enchant audiences of all ages. Starring the award winning Popolino Musical Clowns and a line-up of top international circus stars.
With side splitting comedy and daredevil thrills, Circus Wonderland takes you into a fantasy world of magic and excitement where anything can happen.

Get ready for a close encounter with the Duo Stefaneli, who fly through the roof of th Big Top in their glittering spaceship, while the amazing Alejandro sets pulses racing as he swoops and soars high above the audience on his death defying trapeze.

Angel Bojilov can juggle and spin plates on sticks, all whilst perching precariously on a tightrope, and award winning clowns Kakehole and Popol blend music, magic and mayhem in their own unique brand of comedy chaos, arriving with a trunkful of tricks and accompanied by their lovable friend Bertie the cartoon Bear. This is a spellbinding show to enchant audiences of all ages.

Ipswich : Trinity Park, Felixstowe Road
Weds 11th September – Sunday 15th September
Weekdays 4.30pm & 7.30pm
Saturday 2.00pm & 5.00pm
Sunday 2.00pm
Adults £12
Children £10

The box office is open on site daily 9.00am – 8.00pm
Telephone Hotline 07531 612240

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