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Get composting this autumn

Make the most of those falling leaves and Get Composting this autumn.

The nights are drawing in and there is a distinct chill in the air, all signs that autumn is now upon us. Met Office figures show that 2013 has been the hottest summer since 2006 and the higher than average temperatures along with the occasional heavy downpour, has encouraged plant growth, creating an abundance of garden waste.

family_compostingThe traditional picture of the autumn clear up are mountains of leaves blowing about and smoky bonfires, polluting the atmosphere. A much more environmentally-friendly way to dispose of this waste is to compost it at home. Simply throw it into a compost bin and over the winter months it will rot down into a crumbly rich soil conditioner that will enrich spring planting and help to produce an array of flowers, fruit and vegetables next year.

Fallen leaves, pruning’s, dead plants and flowers are great material to feed the compost bin and nature makes sure they are in plentiful supply. A good tip is to use a lawnmower to collect up leaves: this shreds the leaves and helps to speed up the composting process.
The secret of great compost is a good mix of materials (you don’t want too much of any one material). If you have too many leaves for your compost bin, put the excess into a bin bag, make a few holes in it, and leave it in a secluded spot to rot down. It takes a little longer but the end result is leaf mould, a fine product that could be used in place of peat as potting compost for container plants.

Home composting is not only great for the garden but also provides an effective and sustainable way of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Plus, using a home compost bin will ensure that your wheeled bin is not filled to capacity with unnecessary garden waste.

Most local authorities are offering discounted compost bins in partnership with www.getcomposting.com. Prices start at £16.98 plus delivery – less than half the recommended retail price of £39. Some local authorities are even subsidising the cost to reduce prices even further.

To see what’s available in your local area – call 0844 571 4444 or visit www.getcomposting.com.

Simply enter your postcode to find the best deal for you.

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