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Ipswich Lions Success with Money Making Challenge

The Lions Club of Ipswich have supported the Papworth Trust in the past, purchasing a green house for their garden project, so when they were asked if we wanted to take part in the Papworth Trust Accumulator Challenge the Lions jumped at the chance.


“The Lions is an organisation that raises money for charities and good causes all year round, so when it came to the Accumulator Challenge we decided to do something a little bit different to our normal fundraising events.” Said Wendy Cook, Press Officer, Lions Club of Ipswich,

The members of the Lions took the initial £50 that was given at the start of the challenge and split it into five £10s, then five couples from the Club each took £10 to see who could raise the most with their money, in an ‘apprentice style’ competition.

At the start of the challenge the couples taking part were very secretive about how they were going to invest their £10, however as Lions tend to always work together, all of the members ended up helping each other out and the whole club got involved.

One couple took their money and invested it in ingredients, which they combined with fruit from their garden, and made the most wonderful chutneys and jams, which they sold at other Lions Club events.

The Club also held their own Table Top sale, which was organised by another of the couples, however all the Lions joined in, with the whole event organised in just three weeks.

“Many of the things that we got up to have turned into ongoing events, the couple who made Christmas cakes have already got orders for next year!” Continued Wendy.

“From selling produce at the end of a drive way, jewellery stalls too trading on online auction sites, the Papworth Accumulator has made entrepreneurs of us all!”

The Lions Club of Ipswich managed to turn their initial £50 into a fantastic £752.91! The final total far exceeded the amount the club expected to raise and all members of the Lions Club of Ipswich had a lot of fun taking part in the challenge.

In total 17 businesses and local organisations took part in the Papworth Trust Accumulator Challenge raising £9400!

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