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Premiere performance at DanceHouse

‘BORDER TALES’, Protein’s coruscating new slice of biting, topical social commentary, premieres at Ipswich Jerwood DanceHouse on Wednesday 12th February and runs until Saturday 15th February.

With an engaging blend of dance, dialogue and live music, and treated with Luca’s trademark physical and verbal wit, ‘BORDER TALES’ looks at multi-cultural living in the UK through the eyes of the characters onstage. Silvestrini turns his sharply satirical gaze to stereotypical thinking, tolerance, and where lines are drawn between ‘them’ and ‘us’. Staged in the round to bring the audience crucially close to the action, the cast of seven Protein dancers, local performers and musicians entertain and provoke with this amusing yet poignant look at how we perceive ourselves and each other.
Says Luca Silvestrini, “I’m dedicating ‘Border Tales’ to everyone I’ve interviewed, talked to and worked with over months of research around notions of identity and multicultural living. I’ve travelled across England, Slovenia, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Palestine and India and learned that there’s a common, complex and unresolved space between people…between ‘them and us’, ‘me and the other’. This emotional, sometimes physical, sometimes socially awkward space is strongly influenced by a restless collision of cultures, traditions, religious views and political interests.

“I see this space in between as a border, the outer part of all of us, a fragile partition that defines who we are, but that perpetuates a yearning to belong. I have nothing to teach or preach about, but I’ve been moved by the simple desire to share the many tales I’ve heard and experienced along the way.”

• To book tickets visit www.danceeast.co.uk or call the Box Office on 01473 295230

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