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Ipswich John Lewis partners celebrate bonus

There were celebrations in Ipswich today as The John Lewis Partnership today announced a bonus to all Partners (employees) of 15% of their salary – equivalent to nearly 8 weeks’ pay.


Anna Moir, branch manager, John Lewis at home Ipswich said: “Ipswich’s results have continued to exceed expectation throughout 2013 and we are pleased to say the first John Lewis in Suffolk has been well received by our customers. We continue to delight our customers, with lots of interest in beauty, toys, and home but particularly in technology with tablets being much in demand throughout last year. Our Click & Collect service has also proved extremely popular.

“It has been a great year for John Lewis Ipswich and I would like to thank all partners (staff) who continue to provide high standards of service and shopping experience our customers have come to expect.”

Beth Thompson, 20, selling assistant, John Lewis at home Ipswich
Fashion lover Beth, who has worked at John Lewis for 18 months in the furnishing and fabrics department, will spend her bonus on a trip to New York and a new sewing machine. She said:

“This is my first full year bonus at John Lewis at home Ipswich. The bonus announcement is a real highlight for all the Partners (staff) here and it’s a nice chance to all get together and celebrate our shared achievements.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with fashion and I’ve wanted to visit New York for as long as I can remember, so my Mum is taking me as a treat for my 21st birthday, which is in June. I’ll be spending bonus money on a shopping trip while we’re out there and whatever’s left will go towards a sewing machine. I’ve learned so much about fabric and textiles since I started working here at John Lewis and I’d love to start making my own clothes.”

Jen Lee, 26, large electrical and cook shop section manager, John Lewis at home Ipswich
Jen Lee has been with the John Lewis Partnership for seven years and has worked in various shops since settling in Ipswich.

“I still remember the buzz of my first bonus announcement and the feeling hasn’t gone away in all my years with the Partnership. It’s a great way to celebrate the success of the business with all my colleagues.

“I always try to do something special with my bonus and as I’m getting married next year I’ll be putting this year’s bonus away to help pay for the wedding.”

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