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Reader Offer on PlayAway Cases – Save £30

The ‘Playaway’ Case was designed by Jo Kerley from Ipswich after a family holiday in 2010 when the experience of travelling with her young children on pull along cases made her decide to think of a better way to do things… and relieve a bit of stress into the bargain.
Jo has designed a combined suitcase with a cool integrated, yet fully removable PlayPod that addresses the stress points of travelling with children, also saving parents money on hold baggage fees

The PlayAway case is a practical cabin sized case that has a fully removable PlayPod, which can be used independently of the case. Leave the PlayPod in the car and use it every day so you get two cases for the price of one.

Save on hold baggage fees as the Playaway case is cabin sized (50cm x 20cm x34cm)
The fully removable PlayPod has a secure pocket for i-pads and electronic gadgets.

And, if you are going through airport security with the Playaway case there’s no fishing in the bags for electronic gadgets, just pop the PlayPod out!

Also, now available is the Pod Case, a brand new design for older children.

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