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Virtual reality treasure game in park

A virtual reality treasure hunt is being created in Ipswich’s Holywells Park this weekend by a student at University Campus Suffolk.

It is the brainchild of Diego Richiutti, who has established the Horus Exploration Group to enable families and friends to play mini-games in the park in a bit to locate the “treasure” belonging to Edward Vernon.

It’s all happening on 10th and 11th May between 10am and 4pm and all you need to take part is an Android device to download the app, scan the clues and solve the puzzles.

Diego said: “The Horus Exploration Group is a young and up-coming shipwreck exploration and salvage company and uncovers priceless historical artefacts lost in the sands of time. We want people to join us and have a fun time learning about heritage and virtual exploration.”

For more information: www.horusexploration.com

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