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Are you getting enough… Water?

Water is responsible for and involved in nearly every bodily function and process, including digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion. It is also the primary transporter of nutrients throughout the body and so is necessary for all building and renewal functions in the body. It also helps maintain normal body temperature and is essential for carrying waste materials out of the body. Therefore, replacing the water that is continuously being lost through sweating and elimination is very important.

waterSigns that you are not getting enough… Water!

Dry Mouth
If you do not drink enough water the fluids that lubricate your mucus membranes do not get replenished. You then experience a dry mouth with reduced Saliva production. When you drink adequately your mouth will be wetter, feel less furry and saliva production will be improved, especially during eating.

Joint Pain
Cartilage is composed of about 79% water and cartilage helps protect your joints. If cartilage is dehydrated it can deteriorate and become less supple. This sometimes results in Arthritis and Joint Pain. All Muscles, Cartilage and Ligaments need fluid to keep them supple.

Dry Skin
Drinking water is the first line of defense against aging skin. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and is responsible for detoxification. If dehydrated your skin will become dry from lack of fluids and that will affect the normal moisturisation process. Secretion, perspiration and evaporation continually happen through your skin to remove waste products from your body. Without adequate water this waste builds up and becomes concentrated which can lead to Acne, Dryness, Wrinkles, Rashes, Blemishes, Itching, Flaking and other skin problems. Reduced hydration also means your body will produce less Collagen

Infrequent bowl movements are a sigh of dehydration. Water moisturises and lubricates your digestive tract to keep things moving along smoothly. Lack of fluid also means your poo will be drier causing it to stick to the sides of your colon. If you’re dehydrated and have constipation this can also cause piles, which can be very uncomfortable. Drinking water is very important to keep the path of elimination working efficiently as you really don’t want your poo stuck inside!

Infrequent Urination
You should urinate about five times per day and urine should be a light, yellow or straw colour and not too smelly. If you do not intake enough water urine becomes dark yellow and has a stronger odour. Cystitis, Urinary Tract Inflammation, Bladder Infections and Kidney problems can all be made worse because of poor hydration. When you don’t pee it means your body has no excess fluid to expel, its all been used up in other bodily functions and your body is crying out for more fluid.
If you do not drink enough water dehydration headaches can occur and sometimes these can be severe. The headaches can also be accompanied by dizziness, irritability, tiredness and light headiness. Lack of fluids will also affect your powers of concentration and memory so wise up and getting drinking.

Fatigue and Confusion
Dehydration can affect metabolism, blood pressure and disrupts fluid balance. When you are dehydrated your heart can struggle to deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body. You will get tired, confused and this can affect your body making you feel stressed.

Thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger, making you think you need quick food fixes. Bedtime hunger is often associated with dehydration that has been building up during the day. Regularly drink glasses of water throughout the day to help reduce food intake and lessen sweet cravings.

So folks as the warmer weather approaches its even more important to drink over 1lt of water per day plus other beverages like herbal teas and refreshing cordials. It really is important to make sure you are Getting Enough!

Health & Peace to you all – Jules

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